Sources For materials is simply a list of some material sources used by Mothies. We hope you have a good experience doing business with these folks. If you do experience difficulty, your only recouse with the CMBA and Webmaster is to ask that the listing is removed from the webpage. We are not liable in any way.

Catagory Source
Sails Dan Winters Sailmaker
Sails David W. Baxter Sailmakers Ltd
Sail Repair
Custom Carbon Spars Ted Van Dusen
Used Windsurf Masts Windsurfing classifieds
Aluminum Mast Dwyer Aluminum Mast Company
Dinghy Hardware Layline
Dinghy Hardware Annapolis Performance Sailing
Fasteners Hardware Chesapeake Marine Fasteners
Cloth Foam Advanced Composite Materials
Marine Plywood Harbor Sales Company
Spruce Aircraft Spruce Company
Spruce Wicks Aircraft Supply
General Marine Sail Net
Vacuum Bag Stuff Fibre Glass Developments Corp.
Resin West Systems
Resin Raka Products